Phinisey Sways on ‘Sidelines’

Tacoma artist Phinesey has recently released a new single titled, “Sidelines”, and it is a smooth, laid back, thought provoking tune.

With a minimal production built around filtered synths and a bouncy baseline, the vocals here are without a doubt the star of the show.  Beyond the catchy melodies, Phinisey shows off his knack for harmonies, building lush hooks and soulful verses.

About the release he says, “It’s a fun upbeat look at those questions we ask ourselves sometimes. You know, the ones that can sometimes keep us on the “sidelines”, holding us back from doing, from taking, from giving, from loving.

The mid-tempo release allows Phinisey to carry the tune with his dynamic vocals while bringing enough groove to get your foot tapping and your finger snapping.  A chill, touching and vibey release from the up and coming crooner.


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