Hyperclap Bring the Feels with Debut ‘Clouds’

After building their fanbase on SoundCloud with a string of well received bootleg remixes, mysterious Berlin DJ/production duo Hyperclap have recently released their debut original, “Clouds”.  What stands as the inaugural release for brand new Hamburg based label NAPA Songs, Hyperclap take their first step into developing their signature sound.While their productions are rooted in dance/EDM, Hyperclap make sure to create music that is not tied down by genre.  Infusing their music with an emotional and cinematic aura, their debut single is a great representation of where they are heading musically.

On, “Clouds”, the tune opens with rich keys, sensual vocals, atmospheric elements and percussion before building up into the hook where the energy picks up with some rhythmic layers and vocal chops.  With no huge builds or drops, the tune makes sure to remain dynamic without becoming cookie cutter.

With enough energy to get you moving, this tune is really built to make you feel and not fist pump.  Vibrant, lush and accessible, Hyperclap show off their production skills and music theory chops in one fell swoop.  A solid debut from this buzzing German duo.


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