Summertime Vibes with Ezra Jordan

Canadian artist Ezra Jordan has been hard at work since being a finalist on CTV’s, “The Launch”.  Between touring Ontario, Quebec and selling out shows in Toronto, his fans seem to be paying close attention.  With the release of his first 3 singles, he has been able to accumulate over 1M streams on Spotify and is showing no sign of letting up.His latest release, “10 Miles A Minute”, is a bubbly, summer jam ready to brighten up even the darkest of days.  Blending tropical electronic elements with some acoustic textures, Ezra Jordan is able to create a dynamic and catchy Pop tune – focusing on stellar toplines, a catchy hook and clean production.

Building from beginning to end, the song is structured perfectly to work on radio but still brings a bit of indie flare.  The production, harmonies and vocals all come together cohesively and prove that Ezra Jordan is here to make an impact on the Pop world.


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