KATO is Back with New JAM ‘Motions’

While Danish producer KATO may not be a name engrained in your head yet, he is far from a new kid on the block.  Since the release of his breakout single, “Turn the Lights Off”, KATO has gone on to release two projects while racking in millions of plays across platforms.

Last year, between cranking out a select number of official remixes, KATO teamed up with the UK’s Sigala for the massive hit, “Show You Love”, featuring Hailee Steinfeld.  To date the record has sold 450K copies and seen airplay in nearly every market around the globe.

After finding such massive success alongside Sigala, KATO decided to take a break from releases to focus on creating new masterpieces – and I think it has been well worth the wait.  Recently KATO dropped, “Motions”, and it is a bright and bubbly summertime jam.  The dynamic release relies on a beautiful vocal sitting front and center while KATO brings energetic, tropical, Future Pop vibes to the production.  Opening the song on a sensitive tip, the vibe quickly builds into a huge uplifting drop.

About the new release he says, “In many ways, I feel ‘Motions’ is my best single in years. The break from releasing songs since ‘Show You Love’ has been a bit too long, but instead of just sending out whatever new song I come up with each month, I wanted to wait til I had something special; As soon as I cracked the theme for this single, I knew it was the one.


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