Snails & Kill The Noise Devastate with ‘Shake the Ground’

When, “Vomitstep”, pioneer Snails unleashes something new, you can almost guarantee that it is going to be gross.  Now with the launch of his label Slugz Music, Snails hopes to give artists like himself a platform to annihilate.  Hoping to incorporate his Hard Rock roots into the new endeavor, we can expect that the label will be pushing boundaries in sound and decibels.  About Slugz Music, he says, “I want to release music that really inspires me and is just as weird as me.

Serving as the first release on the new imprint, he has teamed up with friend and bass music mastermind Kill the Noise for, “Shake the Ground”.  The duo also enlisted the help of metal influenced artists Sullivan King and Jonah Kay to help create the energetic and grimy, Dubstep leaning, cross-over record.  From the screamo vocals, fast firing kick drums and sick electric guitar solos – to the filthy bass programming and anthemic chants, the new labels debut single is an absolute monster.

We can only assume that this one is an absolute main stage destroyer.  Snails says, “We wanted to try something new and different on this one and bring our metal and rock n’ roll roots into the song. The energy of the crowds when we drop this song at festivals is what makes it all worth it. Really, really proud of this one!


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