Dan Sharp Teases New EP with ‘Lifeline’

There is something smooth coming out of New Zealand!

Emerging artist Dan Sharp has recently released his latest single, “Lifeline”, and it is a funky, soulful, Indie Rock jam.  Serving as the first taste of his forthcoming EP (due out this year), the new single is impressive on all fronts.  A clean Blues inspired production relies on guitar, organ, bass and drums – all perfectly placed and beautifully mixed.  The underlying musicality here is hard to miss. Dan Sharp takes the lead on the vocals delivering a dynamic performance while also making sure the lyrics remain full of substance.  About the tune he says, “Lifeline is a declaration drawn from a personal journey through abusive relationships (friendships, romantic, other); that generosity and goodwill should not be routinely abused. It was a turning point for me in not allowing myself to be brought down by others negativity or self-induced problems. While sometimes hard to do, it can be better in the long run to step back and let the people we love confront their problems.

In a world full of cookie cutter electronic and Pop music, it is always refreshing to hear artists still playing live instruments and delivering some soul – even more so when they are doing it so well.  While far from my usual musical niche, this is without a doubt a stellar release and well worth some shine.  Kick back and catch the groove.


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