Gregory Dillon Breaks out with ‘Alone with You’

As is the case with many songwriters, they often wind up getting stuck behind the scenes writing for other artists and never get the shot to break out as an artist of their own.  New York based Gregory Dillon is ready to take that step in 2018 and build a catalog as his own.His debut solo single, “Alone With You”, is a beautiful first release as he steps out from the shadows and into the spotlight.  The chill, ethereal and touching release sees Gregory Dillon deliver a stunning vocal on top of an atmospheric, synthetic production.  While some funky guitar riffs set the pace, the background is filled with lush pads, oscillating basslines and percolating melodies.  Fat 80’s inspired drums and another layer to the mix and give the track just enough pump.

The transformative tune relies mainly on the vocals to carry the tune while the production is built as the perfect accompaniment.  While this is in no way my usual vibe, the overall energy and groove are hard to deny.  A solid debut from Gregory Dillon.

One thought on “Gregory Dillon Breaks out with ‘Alone with You’

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