Hearts & Colors Bring the Chill with ‘Waterbed’ [VIDEO]

Swedish duo Hearts & Colors have been making some major waves over the last year or so.  Most recently they collaborated with the likes of Felix Jaehn, Andrelli (Rihanna, Lady Gaga) and Alex Adair on the remix of, “Too Many Friends“, only helping to catapult the rising duo into the spotlight. With over 250M Spotify streams, 2.6M monthly listeners and 15M streams on YouTube, Hearts & Colors are already making a pretty major impact in the Dance/Pop world.  Their recent release, “Waterbed” is a playful, catchy jam that was delivered with an equally fun official video.  Bringing a chill vibe with a whole lot of swing, the production relies on rhythmic strums, background synths and snappy percussion to perfectly compliment the vocals.  The laid back vocals and cool energy delivered by Hearts & Colors are only enhanced further by the video which sees them hanging out and skateboarding around a disused swimming pool at an abandoned school in Oxfordshire.  Via youthful, tongue in cheek lyrics the up are able to connect with the listener without trying to add so much substance that you get lost.  Two listens and you’ll have the whole track memorized – that in itself is not an easy thing to do, and they do it perfectly.

This is a fun jam and the video is fresh.  I dig it.


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