Skymachine Gets You Feeling ‘Free Tonight’

New Zealand band Skymachine is a hidden gem for any true music lover. Pulling influences from artists such as Foster the People, Passion Pit, and Steve Winwood, Skymachine produces an addictive sound that makes you want to share their music with your friends.

The single from their recent EP, ‘IWTKWYLF‘, ‘Free Tonight’ is poised to be the band’s breakout hit. Inspired by the Syrian refugee crisis in the Middle East last year, the tune is predicated on the idea that for all too many, freedom is truly the difference between life and death. Says band member Brydon, the song “was an attempt to somehow capture even one drop of pain that has been poured out over [Syria]”. The Alt-Pop single is as beautiful as it is inspirational. The song moves back and forth between calming, simple, and yet lyrically intricate verses, and a synth-heavy chorus. As the title suggests, the tune is liberating, evokes a feeling of spontaneity, and makes you want to seize the night.


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