Mysterious Mr. Popular Pops with ‘Fight It’

As a fan of someone’s music, it is always nice to know a bit of backstory on an artist to help you connect, relate and show love – but sometimes artists prefer to remain Someone enigmatic.

I was recently hit with a new single from Mr. Popular titled, “Fight It”, and you’d think that the cover art featuring a guy wearing a paper bag on his head would have been a clear sign that he was most likely trying to remain somewhat anonymous.  What I do know, is that he has, “produced for everybody from Rick Ross to 5 Seconds of Summer,” and his new single is a jam.Written, produced and performed solely by Mr. Popular, “Fight It”, is a danceable Pop leaning jam that seems to throw genre tags to the wind in an attempt to reach a broader audience (rather successfully).  Deep House basslines, Pop arrangements, commercial lyrics/toplines and a bit of Soul all come together to create something someone unique – even though it all feels so familiar.

While I may not know who dafuq Mr. Popular is… I will be rocking this one for a while and keeping an eye out for the newness.


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