RockDaFUNK Out with Dansu’s New Tune ‘Don’t You Give Up’

Since they first dropped the video for their single, “Run”, in my inbox, I have been heavily into Amsterdam based trio Dansu.

After touring extensively across Canada, Israel, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands, Dansu are back with their new single, “Don’t You Give Up”, and it is a chill and funky groove.    From the beginning, guitar and bass team up beneath the vocals, playing in harmony to set the mood.  As the tune picks up, along with the Funk, the guitar and bass part ways to add a whole lot more rhythm to the track.Once again Dansu have found a way to cut through the clutter with clean production, a slick arrangement, playful toplines and accessible lyrics.  A great mix and master help to push this one over the edge.  Hidden in plain sight is a clear musicality that sits beneath the surface – with everything in its place and a place for everything.  Well timed harmonies, breaks, bridges and embellishments make sure to keep the listener hooked at every turn.

This is a chill and groovy tune that can work for Rock heads, Funk soul brothers, or anyone who appreciates the bright bubbly side of Indie Pop.  Another great release from Dansu.


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