‘Naked’ is the New Lo

Seattle is often praised as one of America’s hot beds of talent and culture, and for good reason.  While the state has become synonymous with legal weed and a hipster entrepreneurial spirit, music continues to be one of the driving forces behind the scene.  First jumping onto the scene just last year with her singles, “Good Good”, and, “Drumline”, Seattle native Lo is back once again with her new single, “Naked”.The Vanderbillt University graduate finds a passion in not only writing her own lyrics, but through taking part in every aspect of the process from production to mixing to choreography.  For, “Naked”, Lo teamed up with collaborator Paige Blue – who also happens to be co-founder of their new production group simply titled, GIRLS.While Lo’s first passion may have been dance, landing her in the industry, picking up features on ESPN, ABC, and USA Today, music seemed to be calling – and she was happy to answer.  Since releasing her debut last year, she has seen seen some major support from Apple Music, Spotify and also landed her first Hypemachine #1.  While it still may be quite early in her career, there is no doubt that Lo is on to something here.

On, “Naked”, her signature, sugary vocals sit front and center atop a clean, minimal and melodic production.  Finding a way to blend Top 40 melodies and arrangements with a bit of edge and a clear understanding of what is hot right now, Lo is making sure everything she touches has a global appeal and an undeniable accessibility.  Well written songs, top notch production and an overall vibe – I’m in.


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