BAER Teams Up with Mickey Shiloh for ‘Taxi’

Only last year, I was first introduced to Berkelee College grad BAER when she dropped a couple of gems in my inbox.Immediately taken back by her distinct vocals, quality songwriting and overall vibe I reached out directly to touch base.  A few months later, by chance, I was lucky enough to get to work one of her records when the label I work for picked up this jam from NYC artist ShiShi.Since then she has taken major strides, developing her brand, expanding on her social media reach and getting back into the studio to work.  After what seemed like forever (but was really only a few months) BAER is finally back with a new jam, “Taxi”, featuring Mickey Shiloh.  From the eye catching artwork to the bouncing production and stellar vocal performance, her new single is without a doubt another great release to her growing catalog.

Bringing contemporary Pop feels with an authentic and original twist, everything BAER touches has just the right amount of edge.  Disguised by memorable toplines, a broad vocal range and her signature tone that cuts right through any production – BAER takes the standard Pop formula and covers it all in her own special sauce.  To say I’m a fan would be an understatement.

Make sure you check out the video below for what may be my personal favorite from her so far, “River”… which is still rocking in my playlists.


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