Zach Said Brings Bopping Pop with ‘Catch A Feeling’

Summer and life may have gotten the best of me for a bit this year, postponing some features for some well deserving artists, but just know I have been knocking them the whole time.

UK artist Zach Said may have been sitting in my queue for nearly a month now, but I promise I have been pushing his Spotify plays since he landed in my inbox.  With the release of his single, “Catch A Feeling”, Zach quickly jumped onto my radar and into my personal playlists.  Presented as, “the under-rated guy next door and adorable stoner underdog,” one thing was instantly hard to deny – the dude knows how to make some Pop jams.

Serving as the first single off of his new EP, “Balance”, his new single is an all out bop.  Bringing an energy reminiscent of Anderson .Paak, “Catch A Feeling”, features slick production, huge hooks and memorable lyrics that portray a man a mission to find balance between life, work and love in this often jampacked day-to-day.

The swag here is undeniable and the track oozing originality – although his influences can be clearly heard.  All I know really is that this one is going to work for me for some time to come.  Dis my jam.



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