Corey James & David Pietras Release End of Summer Smash ‘To Live’

While Corey James and David Pietras have already seen some major support and streams individually, there seems to be something magical happening when they come together.

While their first collaboration, “Arlanda”, continues to make the rounds on the festival circuit, James and Pietras are back once again, this time on Protocol Recordings with their single, “To Live”.  The end of summer smash features vocals from Bryant Powell and delivers an uplifting, anthemic feel.  With lush, Progressive overtones, the dynamic release brings an emotional accompaniment often hard to correctly capture in the EDM scene.  Soft verses build up and give way to huge, melodic synths in the drop, helping only further enhance the tracks overall aura.

Summer may be over, but this tune has everything it needs to ensure it bubbles straight through to the spring.  This is a jam.  Add it to your bins.


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