PAWL Is Back on RDFO with ‘Belong’ [VIDEO]

As someone who runs a blog, every so often you find an artist that you can pretty much guarantee you’re going to have to write about with every release.  Swedish artist PAWL is one such artist.  Having grown up with his mother playing Arabic music all day and his older siblings knocking Classic Hip Hop, PAWL has found inspiration from across the musical spectrum.At just 13 years old, he fell in love with EDM and began to craft tunes of his own.  It wasn’t long before his releases were making major waves, finding praise from the likes of The Chainsmokers with the release of his single, “Young & Faded”.  Now as an established producer, PAWL spends a good amount of time in the US writing and producing for other artists while still making sure to maintain a busy release schedule of his own.Adding to his catalog, PAWL has recently released a single along with a video for, “Belong”, a vibrant and uplifting classic love song for the new age.  Lush layers of guitar and synths set the tone beneath the vocals, bringing a smooth tune with a whole lot of bop.  About the release he says, “Belong” is simply about belonging – belonging to someone, or belonging somewhere. It’s about loving someone unconditionally and not getting that person out of your head, since they’re always there. It’s also about everything that comes along with that, such as daring to be vulnerable with someone.”

Visually, PAWL gives viewers a glimpse into a day in his life, struggling to find a balance between his life as a producer and as a young man – a beautiful accompaniment to an all out perfect jam.  Do yourself a favor and add this one to your bins.


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