M A I S Ø N Drops Debut Single On Armada

Fresh on the scene, Swedish artist M A I S Ø N has recently come out at full speed with the release of his debut single, “Under My Clothes”.  Released on legendary label Armada, the new kid on the blocks new tune quickly found support from tastemakers and programmers alike, adding to the hype and quickly racking up some major streams.

The tropical infused Dance/Pop tune features vocals fro MAJRO, bringing an uplifting, yet somber vibe throughout the track.  When asked about the collaboration, M A I S Ø N said, “I reached out to MAJRO on her Soundcloud and asked her for a feature and some month’s later she had sent me an email with her work. MAJRO did an excellent, outstanding, amazing, bulletproof job on this track and I am thrilled for this collaboration.Over a bright and bubbly synth laden production, M A I S Ø N brings a clean production that perfectly compliments the tracks vocals.  While on the outside this may seem like a feel good track, M A I S Ø N assures us that there is a bit more going on beneath the surface.  He says, “Under My Clothes is a song that is personal to me in so many levels.  The lyrics are somewhat melancholy-ish, where you can sense a bit of both happiness and sadness.

Landing a debut on Armada is hard enough, but M A I S Ø N has made sure to do so in prime fashion.  I’m sure we will be hearing a lot more from M A I S Ø N in the near future.  Keep an eye out.


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