ShiShi & Furo Drop Fresh New Single ‘What’s Up’

NYC Native and RDFO fav ShiShi is back once again with his new tune, “What’s Up”, in collaboration with Furo and featuring vocals from David Meli.

Always impressed by his worldly vibes and quality production, ShiShi has proven time and time again that he is on to something.  From and EDM standpoint, ShiShi uses impressive synth work, while incorporating his signature blend of R&B melodies, Pop overtones and otherworldly rhythms.  On, “What’s Up”, ShiShi and Furo bring a bright Afro Pop feel delivering a danceable groove and uplifting melodics.  Since he began his career only a couple of short years ago, ShiShi has been hard at work racking up some major streams and landing on the radar of tastemakers around the world.  Far from cookie cutter, ShiShi and Furo bring an original touch to everything they do and their latest single is no different.  This is an outright jam… catch the wave.


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