Vincent & Ayelle Team Up for ‘We Could’

In the cluttered world that is the dance music scene, it is always refreshing to be introduced to new talents putting their own twist on things.  Canadian artist Robert Hughes, known by his stage name Vincent, has recently released a new bop titled, “We Could”, in collaboration with fast-rising London songstress AyelleThe new tune, out now on PRMD, is a smooth and seductive tune that brings a sensitive vibe to the dance floor.  While Ayelle delivers seductive falsetto vocals, Vincent crafts a bouncy production, all coming together to create an undeniably smooth jam.  Mellow verses carried by muted keys and bright percussion slowly build up into a sexy drop that brings just the right amount of energy.

Far from a club banger, this one hits while also making sure to cut deep.  Emotional, raw and dynamic, this is without a doubt another solid release for the buzzing Canadian.


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