Magdalena Bay Bring a VIBE on ‘The Girls’

Tired of hearing sad songs on the radio, Magdalena Bay is here for fun.”  To say that is refreshing would be an understatement.

Initially coming together in high school 22-year-old Mica Tenenbaum (songwriting, vocals) and 23-year-old Matthew Lewin (songwriting, vocals, production) officially launched as Magdalena Bay in 2016.  On a mission to merge the old with the new, Magdalena Bay pull inspiration from nearly every decade to create uplifting, fun, jam worthy PopLucky for me, they just dropped their new tune, “The Girls”, in my inbox – and lucky for them, they have a new fan.  Delivering exactly what their bio and press release said, Magdalena Bay bring a saucy retro vibe on their new single.  New age production couples with nostalgic melodies to create and absolutely anthemic Pop jam.  The dynamic, driving, melodic production sets the tone beneath fresh vocals bathed in reverb to create an airy, pumping tune that makes me feel like a 15 year old girl who just walked out of high school in 86.

If I cared about what people thought, I may be embarrassed to be swaying my hips like this on the train… luckily I don’t.  Catchy as fuck – all it takes is a listen or two to want to belt out the hook along with Mica… shamelessly.  This is a jam.  Give it a go.


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