Monica Martin is sincere on ‘Cruel’

Monica Martin, a Chicago-born and LA based singer delivers a hit with “Cruel”, a passionate, heartfelt ballad detailing a love that is waning based on one’s own expectations. The cadence of her singing accompanied by the controlled nature of the song stands out and has a rhythm that is extremely appealing to listen to. She has a beautiful and distinct voice that is reminiscent of a Florence the Machine and Sam Smith. Throughout the song Monica reconciles with the fact that her honesty is hurting someone she was close with.

Cruel is a powerful song expected to bring in a new fanbase for her debut EP which will be released shortly. Monica has been a fixture in the indie alternative scene as a soulful vocalist but before her indie fame she was a Wisconsin girl who had originally moved from her hometown of Chicago. Wisconsin, as she remembers it and the reason for her moving was simple, it was “cold as fuck”. Her journey has now led her to LA where the music scene is thriving and more evident. The song is a classic example of the “truth hurts” phrase in that one’s own expectations can blind you from the truth and she exemplifies the saying perfectly on this low fi track.


The production of this song is very laid back and lays the foundation to Monica’s pacing in how she extends her notes. You can tell she is a very technical singer with a compelling voice but I think that her main selling point though is her ability to write, at a song writing standpoint she excels and is better or on par with many mainstream artists in her genre. Monica was recently featured on Tiny Desk (a popular NPR music showcase) alongside Violents which I recommend giving a listen as she performs well live. I see her continuing to shine if she produces earnest songs like this one. I am very excited to see what she brings for her debut EP.


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