Winslow Newman Makes ‘Precious Art’

Based in Nashville, Winslow Newman is a new artist looking to deliver beautiful Dance/Pop tunes to the masses.  Having been involved in the music business socially for a number of years, he has decided to take the lessons he’s learned to create music of his own.  

Now properly on his way to establishing himself as an artist in the music city, Winslow Newman has recently unleashed his new single, “Precious Art”.  The vibrant new tune features a beautiful blend of both acoustic and electronic elements that being a semi-retro feel to the tune.  Lush, crystalline keys mix with guitar, bass and some dreamy melodic elements peppered through the track while the sensitive and touching vocals sit up front.  Also – there’s an absolute fire sax solo…

Opening with nature sounds of birds and wind, the mood is set from the very beginning.  Emotional, smooth and inspiring with just the right amount of bop – his new tune is a gem that is sure to make you feel some type of way.  Check it out.


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