Lo Lo Drops New Visuals for Debut Single ‘Yours’ [VIDEO]

For a brand new artists to come out of gate and connect on their first single is no easy task.  With the amount of music coming it daily around the globe, cutting through the clutter is getting harder than ever and launching a career for a new artist is becoming more intimidating of a task as time goes on.  For some (most) artists though, the potential reward is more than worth the risk.  New on the Indie Pop scene is Toronto artist Lo Lo; while you may have not yet heard of her, it won’t be long.

While she may have only recently released her debut single, “Yours”, the track has already racked up close to half a million plays on Spotify alone.  With a fresh writing style, Pop friendly tone and an ability to connect with her listeners, Lo Lo has come out of the gate reaching new heights.  Her accessible lyrics, sass and overall vibe grab hold as the buzzing artist writes about young love and heartbreak with a bubble gummy glow.For her debut, she hops on top of an edgy, bouncey production than blends the best of electronic and acoustic into a radio friendly beat.  Funky guitar riffs, crunchy drums, melodic plucks, vocal chops and the occasional dubby wub all help to set the mood while Lo Lo brings a playful and memorable performance.  While I may not be the key demographic for this tune – I can’t help but admit… dis my jam.

To take things up a notch, Lo Lo has also delivered an official video for the new single helping to give listeners a better idea of her personality.  Bright colors, good camera work and a solid performance from Lo Lo are all that you really need.  Check this out… add it to your bins… stay tuned.  I’m sure she has a lot more up her sleeve.


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