Chris Tall Delivers Remixes for ‘Lucy’

Based in Stockholm, Chris Tall made some waves last year with the release of his single, “Lucy”.

After the singles release, Chris quickly found some major support beginning with him winning a radio competition on Swedish Radio (SR,P5), entitling him to perform live with a full band and broadcasted from one of Stockholm’s most prominent live stages – Debaser.  Featuring uplifting Pop leaning vocals, the tune found the perfect balance between mainstream and club appeal, helping it to reach a wide audience around the world.Now brining more hype to the release, Chris has recently released a remix pack for the tune.  Enlisting fellow Stockholm artists INSTINKT, Like Water and Suedi Business to bring their own touch to the record, the new pack helps to expand the singles release into new territories.

Each remixer brings their own vibe to the track with INSTINKT delivering a vibrant EDM flip, Like Water bringing a heavier Techno vibe and Suedi Business delivering a UK inspired two step mix.


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