JAM OF THE WEEK: Rachel Mazer – Open Heart

There is nothing I love more than discovering new music.  One of my favorite finds as of late is Bay Area born, LA based multi-instrumentalist/songwriter/artist Rachel Mazer.  I suppose I’m a sucker for real musicians and great songwriting.

While Rachel Mazer may have been building a name for herself by playing everything from bass to saxophone in a number of bands, it wasn’t until about a month ago that she launched her career as a solo artist with her debut single, “Is It So Wrong”.  Immediately impressed by – pretty much everything about it – I quickly found myself wanting more.  Luckily I didn’t have to wait long. Her new release, Indie Soul jam, “Open Heart”, is yet another stunning tune adding to the hype around her anticipated debut, 10 track album in early 2019.  Produced by Tyler Duncan, the upcoming project is shaping up to be a stunning, nostalgic, new age classic.  On, “Open Heart”, impressive musicality, dynamic arrangements and lush instrumentation blend with Rachel’s insanely raw yet touching vocals to create a memorable and undeniable jam that can unquestionably be played on repeat.  With just the right blend of classic tones and modern techniques, Mazer’s latest is both familiar and brand new.  While all songs are subjective and open to interpretation, about the release Rachel Mazer says, “Open Heart is about believing in your own strength and resiliency in the face of adversity and heartbreak. Be brave and be bold. Go after what you love and who you love, and let your heart be open in that process. Part of being able to access that openness and freeness with your energy is about taking time for yourself too. There’s both movement and stillness in life, and it’s important to honor both those things.

Check this one out…then go check out her first single…then add both of them to a playlist and play them until her album drops.  Thank me later.


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