Jordan Max Drops New EP ‘Tales Of Us’ [VIDEO]

While UK artist Jordan Max may be fresh on my radar and new on site, since his latest video for, “Kingdom”, landed in my inbox, I have been thoroughly impressed.Serving as one of the singles off of his new EP, “Tales of Us”, released November 9th, “Kingdom”, is a stunning, enchanting, soulful jam that puts his impressive vocals and undeniable vibe on full display.  Muted keys set the tone out of the gate, allowing Jordan’s unique vocals to take hold before slowly building up into a powerful hook.  While the tune remains relatively low key, it is dynamic enough to pull at the heart strings and hook the listener at every turn.

Delivered along with an official video, Jordan Max seems intent on giving fans a deeper look into himself as an artist – And the video does just that.  Check it out… and if you dig this one, make sure you check out the full EP.


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