Talii Drops Saucy Second Single ‘Mouth’

While Florida may be well known for beautiful beaches, insane news headlines and old people – there aren’t all too many up and coming artists that seem to break out from there.  Enter Talii.It was only a couple of months ago that we featured Talii’s debut single, “Lost”, which we have been knocking ever since – and now she’s back with a stellar follow up.  On her new single, “Mouth”, Talii switches gears to deliver a seductive, smooth, Neo Soul jam that only helps to add to the hype around the buzzing new artist.Over a slick, minimal production that blends funky guitar, fat bass lines and and light melodies, Talii delivers a sexy as hell performance that not only shows off her range and ability to craft lyrics – but also leaves you yearning for more.  With no bells or whistles to distract from the overall vibe, this tune connects thanks to a smart arrangement, quality vocals and playful lyrics.

Peep it.


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