Saint Punk Flips Rage Against The Machine ‘Testify’

As a blog, we always tend to favor original content over mashups, DJ mixes and unofficial remixes – it’s just a personal preference – but every once and a while, we can’t help but share some heat.  Recently, a new producer landed in our inbox and on my radar with an absolute monster of a bootleg – and it is well worth a share.Saint Punk sent along his flip of Rage Against the Machine’s, “Testify”, with pretty much no additional info, but the music here speaks for itself.  Taking the grungy classic, he has turned it into and absolutely devastating, bass riddled, main stage destroying monster.  The unexpected paring brings an unstoppable energy – and the fact that is executed so well is impressive in its own right.  From the sound selections, to the arrangement, to the mix – this is a bomb through and through.

While I always love to share a bit more on the artist themselves… I’ve got nothing here – so let it knock and make sure you keep tabs… I know I will.


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