Initially jumping onto the scene in 2016 with his debut album, “Panorama“, French producer and fan favorite Møme has been on a roll ever since.  With a signature blend of quality Electronic production and an undeniable vibe, it seems his fans can’t seem to get enough.

On December 14th, Møme released his latest two-track EP, “Møment II“, a follow up to last years, “Møment I“, and it is an absolute gem.  Created in Los Angeles, Møme crafts vibrant, moody, melodic productions around vocals from Goldwash and Ricky Ducati.

Sunday“, with Goldwash relies on rhythmic synths, smooth vocals, funky guitar riffs and filtered drums to bring a laid back summertime vibe that is sure to help us get through the cold winter months.On, “Sail Away“, with Ricky Ducati, a bit of a retro vibe takes over with driving basslines and hypnotic pads that build and retreat as the song progresses.  The enchanting second track pulls the listener in every direction – as somber feeling of sadness battles against a hopeful and uplifting groove.To make the release even more exciting, Møme has also put together a live session overlooking downtown LA that shows all artists involved in the project doing their thing.  With a project that is built so much on vibe and feel, the live video definitely helps to bring it all together. All in all this project is bomb… the only thing that sucks about it is that it leaves you wanting (a whole lot) more.


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