Lakelands Drop Anthemic New Tune ‘I’ll Be the Fire’

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Indie Pop outfit Lakelands have been making waves with their uplifting, jam worthy tunes.

Pulling inspiration from a wide range of sounds – from Pop Punk to Gospel – the rising band has most recently wowed audiences with their latest single, “I’ll Be the Fire”.  The beautifully crafted release finds a way to make itself commercially viable while still maintaining a strong Indie sensibility.  Enchanting guitar riffs couple with foot stomping claps and a solid vocal performance, all coming together and building up into a massive and memorable hook.  With a smart arrangement and a clear understanding of the music they are making, Lakelands make the most of 3 minutes and 35 seconds and crank out an accessible and anthemic tune.  From the harmonies, to the background vocals to the musical embellishments, everything in this one is exactly where it should be.

This one has been on heavy rotation in my headphones.  A morning mood booster for sure.  Peep it.


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