Trevor Myall Makes RockDafuqOut Debut

While Canadian/American singer/songwriter Trevor Myall has been on my radar since he released his debut single, “Pyro Heart”, early in 2018, this post represents his first (but I’m sure not lost) feature on RockDafuqOutAt the tender age of 11, Trevor Myall began to write his first songs on his grandfathers piano.  Quickly finding an unexpected passion and a new outlet for his emotions, the St. Johns, Newfoundland born artist has been perfecting his craft ever since.  Eventually he would leave Canada to study at the esteemed Berklee College of Music, from where he has since graduated and begun to release his first music. Teaming up with fellow Berklee alumni The Swoons, Trevor Myall has unleashed 3 singles from his forthcoming debut EP, “One Way Ticket”.  While things may just be getting rolling, it is easy to hear from his first solo offerings that Trevor Myall is priming the pumps for a long and fruitful career.  For someone like myself who is a sucker for great songwriting, Trevor Myall brings everything you could ever want.  Deep yet relatable lyrics couple with finely crafted melodies and enchanting yet powerful vocal performances to create uplifting, jam worthy tunes.  Finding a perfect blend between Folk and Indie Pop, he has so far been able to release 3 stellar jams that can work worldwide.

While the EP seems to have been due out in the fall –  these three singles are more than enough to hold me over.  I will be patiently waiting.


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