BAYNK Teams Up with Glades for ‘Off Limits’

We have been keeping a close eye on New Zealand artist BAYNK since he first came into our radar.  Always impressed by his use of melody and lush, layered productions, his last single landed as our JAM OF THE WEEK.

Since the release of his debut EP in the fall of 2017, BAYNK has been busy as ever, touring, cranking out tunes and racking up some major streams.  Most recently he has unleashed a new single titled, “Off Limits”, in collaboration with Aussie Indie Electro outfit Glades and it is yet another impressive, jam-worthy tune.A with his new EP slated for sometime this year, BAYNK is keeping fans excited with his latest release.  The smooth, chill, soulful tune incorporates elements from Electronic, Pop and Jazz (slick trumpet solos) into an undeniable, emotional and thought provoking single.  While the EP date may now yet be set, I am sure BAYNK has a whole lot more up his sleeve until then.  I will be patiently waiting for more.


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