JAMEO Flips littleDeath’s ‘Cheap Beer & Nicotine’

LA producer JAMEO is no stranger to RockDafuqOut.  Often impressed not only by his impressive productions, but also by his clear musicality as a whole, it isn’t too often that we find something from JAMEO that doesn’t hit.

Recently he has unleashed a new remix for Richmond (Virginia) band littleDEATH’s debut single, “Cheap Beer & Nicotine”, and it is a vibrant, Future Bass inspired jam.  Before launching his electronic JAMEO project a couple of years ago, he had spent years playing and touring with other bands – so it comes as no surprise to us that he would be able to flip this one in prime fashion.

Big synths, fat drums, lush layers and an undeniable energy take hold from the very beginning as the vocals from littleDEATH lead the charge.  A bit punky, beautifully melodic and well executed – JAMEO has found a way to introduce the band to a whole new audience.


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