Paige Takes On LIVVIA’s ‘Damn’

If you ever find out that it has been more than a couple of months between us sharing releases from NY producer Paige – just assume all hell has broken loose.

For some time now, the Long Island based DJ/producer has been unleashing an unstoppable stream of remixes, collaborations and originals – landing support from some of the worlds biggest acts while simultaneously releasing on some of the worlds most respected dance labels.   While we have been fans since the beginning, Paige has only gotten better with time and the streaming numbers he is racking up are clear proof that he is well on his way to a long and fruitful career.Recently, Paige has taken on remix duties for buzzing Pop artist LIVVIA, helping to transform her single, “Damn”, into a bright, pumping, Progressive smash.  Allowing the vocals to shine, Paige builds a moving, uplifting groove that perfectly compliments the track – helping it reach new heights and a new audience alike.

Yet another stellar release from Paige, the new remix is an absolute mood booster and well worth a listen (or 100).  Peep it.


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