Jon Vinyl Drops Smooth Single ‘Work

Our neighbors to the north have been pumping out some great tunes as of late.  Adding to the hype is R&B crooner Jon Vinyl.  For his first release of 2019, he has unleashed his new single, “Work”, a smooth and soulful ode to the grind.Between the lush harmonies, Hip Hop leaning verses, catchy hook and sexy production, Jon Vinyl makes sure his vocal abilities and songwriting sit front and center.  While rhythmic guitar, keys and percussion keep the beat grooving, Jon Vinyl impresses on all fronts, delivering a dynamic performance that ties it all together.

About the inspiration behind the single, his team offers, “Work’ is about paying homage to the beautiful exhaustion that is songwriting. Though the hard work has just begun, writer’s block and sleepless nights seem to be never-ending, like life itself. A feeling we can all relate to.”  Do yourself a favor and check this one out.


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