KidEyes Release Dreamy New Single ‘Alive’ [PREMIERE]

Just last year we were introduced to a new Alt-Pop duo out of LA that go by the name KidEyes via their debut single, “Love Better“. Comprised of multi-talented Ben Epand and Greg Cahn, KidEyes have been gaining momentum via quality originals and high-energy live performances.  When we found their new single, “Alive”, in our inbox, we quickly hopped on for the premiere.

Alive”, is a beautifully produced, stadium sized anthem that helps to showcase KidEyes as not only a powerful production duo, but as impressive songwriters to boot.  The dynamic new release relies on powerful guitar riffs, thumping basslines and rich textures to create a massive wall of sound.  While the verses remain a bit minimal, the hook kicks things up a notch – bringing a dreamy and hypnotic vibe to the track.While KidEyes may really only just be getting started, there is no doubt they know exactly where they are going.  This new tune is a perfect example of their musicianship and their ability to churn out impressive and memorable tunes.  I will be patiently waiting for more.  Keep scrolling for a bit of a Q&A.

RDFO: This new track seems to have a bit of a dreamier sound to it than other material I have heard.  Can you tell us why you decided to take this track in that direction?

KidEyes: The influence for “Alive” really reflects our home and surroundings in the city of Los Angeles.  This is a place where dreamers go to dream and then through luck or chance, those dreamers either transcend into their own reality of success, failure or some version in the middle.  “Alive” is sort of our tale of California dreamin’. “Alive” was one of the first tunes we wrote together and really represents the early days for the bands blue print…. lots of self doubt and personal struggle. BUT being the dreamers that we are, the motivation of possibility and opportunity helped us dig deeper and keep that dreamers spirit alive.  As far as the sound – I don’t think there was much intention for it to sound dreamy to be honest – it kinda just crafted itself around Greg’s vocal and performance. The heavy groove was important to maintain. 

RDFO: How long have you both been making music together and what would you say makes the duo so powerful.

KidEyes: We met 4 years ago, and pretty much upon our first meeting/session, I think we both will agree that it seemed like we had been friends for years.  We trust each other. As we’ve been honing in on our creative process, the transparent thing is that we really do listen and respect one another.  

RDFO: Can you tell us about your upcoming show?

KidEyes: This Monday’s show at Moroccan Lounge will only be the bands second show EVER which is wild to think about..   We just left rehearsal and it really does feel like we’ve been on the road together for years.  We couldn’t be more excited to hit the stage again…. the live band is an amazing group of humans w/ great chemistry. 

RDFO: I imagine you have a lot more planned for 2019… anything you want to share?

KidEyes: Music music music!  We’ve been releasing one song a month and so far that seems to be working well for us, and we have a bunch up our sleeves!

RDFO: Anything else you want to tell our readers?

We both have crushes on Dua Lipa. 🙂


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