Sage Charmaine Brings New Vibes Ahead of Debut EP [VIDEO]

It wasn’t too long ago that we were first introduced to rising Pop starlet Sage Charmaine when this single landed in our inbox…Now fresh off of her high school graduation, the LA based singer/songwriter is preparing to give all she’s got into her career as an artist.  Readying the release of her debut EP, Sage Charmaine has recently unleashed two new singles.  Looking to carve out a new lane for herself, on her first offering, “Ashes”, she teams up with Rocky to create a moody cross over record that features attitude laced vocals and a smooth yet minimal production.  Laden with fresh guitar rhythms and Hip Hop infused drum programming, Sage Charmaine dominates the track with a memorable performance that makes it easy for any listener to connect.The second single, “Look Up 2 Me”, picks up the tempo a bit while Sage brings a bit more sauce.  Over a dark and haunting electronic production, this one features laid back verses and an energetic hook/drop to kick things up a notch.  Once again Sage Charmaine flexes her vocal abilities while simultaneously leaving her mark on the Pop world.  Being as young as she is, there is no doubt that Sage Charmaine is creating tunes far more mature than her age may suggest.  With the release of her EP fast approaching, I have no doubt the new singles are more than enough to get fans and strangers alike excited for what’s to come.  Keep it locked.

2 thoughts on “Sage Charmaine Brings New Vibes Ahead of Debut EP [VIDEO]

  1. Great post! I don’t know why she’s not famous yet, she can manage both bubbly pop and dark sounds. And her voice is really nice!


  2. I saw her in Montreal last Saturday and oh my goodness, what a voice and what a performance! I was in aw watching her seamlessly dance across the stage and interact with the fans up front! The music is absolutely fresh and I just love everything about it! Now keep in mind, I was raised on classic rock, so the fact that she incorporates the guitar in her sound is absolutely mind blowing and so is the music! I have nothing but good feelings that she’s really going to go somewhere with that talent! Looking forward to everything else she does!

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