Fever -E.P by Hummingbird Tapes

Two song E.P with a summer vibe.

Hummingbird Tapes have released ‘Fever E.P’ Their newest in a series of E.P’s that come from Isolation projects. The collective bases itself on a semi-rotating cast of musicians that retreat for a week into a music creating frenzy in which the outcome is completely different each time. In ‘Fever E.P’, one can hear interesting harmonies, grappling vocal hooks and funky-house vibes that are perfect for the upcoming summer.

In this iteration of Isolations five artists retreated into Ticumán, Mexico for six days during the summer of 2018. All versed in different areas such as production, composition and performance, the quintet set itself on a mission of getting a set of different ideas and influences to cohesively work together and produce the E.P.

In ‘Closer’, one can hear funk bass lines and guitar, unshakeable melodies and a heavy backbeat which add up together to create this tune. In ‘Fever in Me’ the House and techno influences can be felt more but the chorus is completely pop based (and the catchiest of all). The group is set to release more music next year and to eventually be able to do between 2-3 isolations per year.


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