Who’s Hungry for Some ‘Avocado Pop’

Making a groovy return to RockDafuqOut jarradcleofé has recently teamed up with Euføeni for their bubbling new jam, “Avocado Pop”.  First coming onto my radar last year jarradcleofé initially caught our attention with this gem…Instantly taken back by his original sound design and undeniable vibe, we have been paying close attention ever since.  After meeting Euføeni online, the two bounced their latest single, “Avocado Pop“, back and forth until it was ready for release.  Featuring a sexy R&B inspired vocal, both artists design and intriguing and outright smooth production that relies on slick synth work, catchy leads and a driving energy that is sure to be a crowd pleaser heading into the warmer weather.Beyond the track, both of the multi-talented artists put their touch on the final package with jarradcleofé coming up with the name and Euføeni creating the single art to match.  When asked about how they came up with the name jarradcleofé said, “I was scrolling through Instagram and saw a friend making avocado popsicles.  I was like, 1) that looks amazing and, 2) that would make a great song name!

With single being just as playful as the name, there is no denying that this track has a whole lot to offer.  Bubbly, mood enhancing, groovy, technical and with a bit of bounce, this one will be rocking in my playlists for some time to come.


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