Hamster Teams Up with Wit Blu for ‘Rose Bouquet’

While genre bending producer Hamster may have only began to bubble in 2016, his career has been nearly a decade in the making.  Thanks to his signature sound and uncanny ability to mix experimental Electronic production, dancefloor friendly beats and Pop leaning vocals into infectious and dynamic jams, Hamster is often touted as an innovative producer sitting ya ahead of the curve.Still riding high from the success of his last single, “Invincible”, Which landed in a number of official Spotify playlists as well as in Apple Music’s Best of the Week playlist, Hamster has recently unveiled his latest masterpiece, “Rose Bouquet”, in collaboration with Wit Blu.  The vibrant new single is a melodic, bubbly, yet hard hitting jam that delivers impressive vocals and top notch production to match.  Together, both buzzing artists team up to shut it down – brushing off the need for acceptance and conformity in favor of reliving them selves of any fucks they may have given.

Having racked up millions of streams to date, Hamster continues to impress at every turn and is dead set on proving why he should be on your radar.  Electronic enough for the ravers, poppy enough for FM fans and with enough groove to get a dancefloor shaking – Hamster takes a bit of everything you love and mixes it all together into undeniable tunes.  Every. Damn. Time.


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