Oakrest Team Up with Jordan Black for ‘In Your Head’

Hailing from Keswick, Ontario, Pop Punk band Oakrest have recently unleashed their latest single, “In Your Head”, featuring Jordan Black.  Pulling inspiration from the likes of Blink 182, Seaway and Neck Deep, Oakrest are making energetic, commercial leaning tunes that are sure to connect with fans from across the Rock spectrum.

Comprised of Jacob Szabo, Adam Allen and Jacob Graves, Oakrest are turning heads with their dynamic music and electric live performances.  On their new tune, gritty guitar, bass and drums come together beneath the layered vocals to create a pumping and anthemic jam.  From the arrangement to the lyrics, it is clear these guys know exactly what they are doing – and they are executing it in prime fashion. 

About the release, they say, “In Your Head is a song about fighting with what goes on in your mind. Sometimes (as people call it) the demons creep into your head and make it hard to live a happy life. So, this song is about beating what goes on in your head to live a long happy life!


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