GR3YWXLF Takes On the Late Nights with ‘4AM’

Hailing from West London, buzzing Lo-Fi MC GR3YWXLF has slowly been picking up steam with his signature sound, impressive real life bars and undeniable swag.  Following up on his collaboration with Brit Award Winning producer Sunny Kale (Stormzy), GR3YWXLF is back with a new jam, “4AM“.
Over muted guitars, ominous bass hits and with a soft clap carrying the rhythm, GR3YWXLF delivers an unstoppable flow striking a chord with introspective musings.  A far cry from the usual tracks you hear coming out of the UK Hip Hop scene, it is clear that GR3YWXLF is slowly carving out a lane of his own.
Highlighted by influences hailing from both the old and new school blended with hints of the experimental, GR3YWXLF naturally and purposefully sits just outside of the standard assumptions of the London scene.


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