Profane Turns Up The Heat on ‘Xxii Black’

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… as a blogger I always have a hard time finding Hip Hop that really stands out.  With such a flooded genre and artists quick to jack others style – originality, polish and lyricism always seems to be lacking, but we keep looking and sometimes a track will hit us right off the jump. 

Recently we were blessed with a new single from Las Vegas based rapper Profane titled, “Still Here”, featuring Landon Wordswell.  The new single taken from the album, “Xxii Black”, brings a fresh, East Coast Boom Bap vibe from the middle of Nevada.  With a haunting woodwind carrying the melody, DJ cuts peppering the hook and slick verses from both artists, the new single hits from beginning to end.  A great overall energy and dark aura bring an aggressive, IDGAF attitude to the tune.

As one of the stand out tracks from his new 11 track album, Profane made sure to bring the heat on this one.  Keep scrolling and check the full project – if you like Hip Hop, raw and real…. this is for you.


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