Aaron Taos Rocks Out on ‘Dazed & Amused’ [VIDEO]

If you follow the site, I am sure you have seen Indie hero Aaron Taos grace the site more than a couple of times.  Always impressed by his music that crosses genres and brings an authenticity that is often lacking from other artists, Aaron Taos is also just as impressive when it comes to creating visuals for his tunes.With several stand out official videos out already, Aaron Taos has blessed us with his latest treatment for, “Dazed & Amused“, one of the standout cuts from his new album, “Birthday Boy“, that recently dropped.  For the new video, Aaron brings a classic, black and white, jam band vibe that features him and his bandmates playfully rocking out while slick split screen editing adds a bit of spice.  Beyond the tune itself being an outright jam, the new video helps to bring it all to life and gives viewers into the effortless talent that is Aaron Taos and friends.

Want some more tunes like this?  Follow our ‘Indie Rock Solid’ playlist on Spotify!


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