Hollywood Eyes Launch New Single ‘Dollhouse’

Hailing from the UK, Alt-Pop outfit Hollywood Eyes have seemingly made some major waves since releasing their first demo a little over 12 months ago.  Pulling inspiration from the likes of The 1975, LANY, and Pale Waves while also adding a healthy dose of 80’s and 90’s Pop flavor, the fast rising four-piece is ready to set the summer on fire with new tunes and some major gigs including a support slot for Eliza and the Bear.Comprised of Ryan Pridding, Anthony Edes, Arthur Jones and Christopher Mee, Hollywood Eyes have recently unleashed their latest single, “Dollhouse“, and it is a stellar first introduction to the group for anyone (like myself) who has yet to tune in.  On the new tune, rich layers of guitar float beneath the dynamic vocals before the tune picks up into an emotional, pumping hook.

A bit dreamy, easy to rock to, and emotive enough to make you feel some type of way, the new single is a welcome addition to the young groups budding catalog.  Make sure you check this out and keep an eye out on their socials for what’s next.  We will be doing the same.

Want some more tunes like this?  Follow our ‘Indie Rock Solid’ playlist on Spotify!


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