JAM OF THE WEEK: Sean Kennedy – Young & Depressed [DEBUT]

I can’t stress this enough – there is nothing I love more than a strong debut!  Recently I was hit with new artist Sean Kennedy and his first single, “Young & Depressed”, and lucky for us it is now out!The laid back, melodramatic, Indie youth anthem sees Sean Kennedy delivering a delicate yet angsty performance about growing up and battling your demons.  The introspective tune uses tongue in cheek lyrics to connect with the listener, pulling at the deep rooted emotions so many of us keep buried for so long.  While we all grow older, there are things that have happened that we can’t seem to let go of and while on the outside things may seem copacetic, Sean Kennedy notes, “Deep Down we’re all still young and depressed”.

With little more than some muted guitar rhythms,  soft keys and swaying string sections to set the tone, the tune remains minimal allowing Sean’s lyrics to cut through for maximum impact.  Serving as his first official single, there is no doubt that this is a vine that I can get down to.

Let’s hope Sean Kennedy has a whole lot more in the Pope – I’ll be rocking this one until then. 

Want some more tunes like this?  Follow our ‘Tasty Bits’ playlist on Spotify!


One thought on “JAM OF THE WEEK: Sean Kennedy – Young & Depressed [DEBUT]

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