Isaac Dunbar Does it Again with ‘Cologne’

Teenage phenom Isaac Dunbar has been an absolute dominant force since first burst into the scene.  Via a string of acclaimed singles, the young crooner has landed at the top of charts and on the radar of tastemakers far and wide.  

Having released his debut single, “Freshman Year”, just last year, Isaac Dunbar has racked up over a million streams and is currently sitting around 200K monthly listeners on Spotify.  From his quality lyrics to dynamic vocals, Isaac Dunbar came out of the gate strong and set the bar high – quickly making him an artist to watch in the US and beyond. Recently he has unleashed his latest single, “Cologne”, and it is yet another stand out release for the young gun.  Opening with lush harmonies, the track slowly builds from the verses into a catchy as hell hook.  With delicate keys, deep bass lines and some rhythmic percussion, the track remains minimal allowing Isaac to cut through from beginning to end. 

With a rapidly growing fanbase and ever-evolving catalog and sound, Isaac Dunbar is without a doubt ready to make some major waves.  Hop on now and take the ride.  


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