JAM OF THE WEEK: Neon Dreams – About You [VIDEO]

Hailing from Halifax, Neon Dreams have been making some major waves over the last few years.  From radio spins, major gigs, and award nominations Neon Dreams have continued to impress audiences at every turn with their commercially appealing, genre bending sound.  Unafraid to experiment and blur lines, their releases to this point have shown influences from genres ranging from Dance and Pop to R&B and Electronic.  Most recently, they have unleashed their single, “About You”, a vibrant, radio friendly Pop jam that relies on slick production, earworm hooks and and overall vibe that perfectly sets them up for summer.  Rhythmic guitar and rolling basslines dominate the verses before the hook takes over introducing a bit of a breakbeat and picking up the energy a bit.  While the production is clean and dynamic throughout, it is the vocals that steal the show.  Easy to follow lyrics make sure you are singing along before you are done with the first listen while the melodies get driven into your head.  

Delivered along with a beautifully shot and energetic video, the new single is yet another stellar release from our neighbors to the north.  Having already racked up some impressive streams and a devoted fanbase, Neon Dreams are once again here to prove themselves as an artist to watch.  This one will be locked in my personal playlists for sometime to come. 


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