Paper Buoys Bring the Energy on ‘Chasing Ghosts’

Recently I was introduced to UK based 4-piece group Paper Buoys via their release, “Chasing Ghosts”, and it has been steadily rocking in my headphones ever since.  

Hailing from Birmingham, Paper Buoys first burst onto the scene with their self titled debut album in 2017.  Since then they have quickly built momentum via electric live shows and quality releases.  On their latest tune, lush layers of guitar, bass and drums set the foundation while angsty lyrics and dynamic vocals carry the tune.  

The high-energy, jam friendly tune brings just the right amount of groove and thump, making sure your head knocks and shoulders away from beginning to end.  Serving as their first release of 2019, the single was also delivered along with a remix from Greg Stoddard who brings a more down tempo and atmospheric vibe to the otherwise rockin’ release.  Be on the lookout for Paper Buoys, I’m sure they have a hot summer in store. 


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