As if her striking pop anthem “I Can Do Better” wasn’t enough, Aussie songstress NINA is back and this time teamed up with Boston-based electronic/house duo PRTYFOUL to deliver their newest bop “Until the Morning.”

Bringing her melodic pop to the table as a compliment to PRTYFOUL’s exhilarating production, the three of them are able to deliver a sultry tune that makes you feel oh so good and oh so bad at the same time. With dark, swirling drones and coursing synths, “Until the Morning” grants you the freedom to ask for your deepest desires. Even the captivating vocal performance echos this same promise and dives you deeper into your senses. When working on the song, NINA and PRTYFOUL found it’s subject really powerful, especially since it comes from the female point of view of wanting more from a supposed one-night-stand. According to NINA, this prompted their collaboration, saying:

One night, this guy just really caught my attention when I was out and, as we began seeing each other, I started falling fast for him. I wrote the song truly based off me thinking ‘I’m really happy lying here and being with you. I don’t want to go home.’ I sent a voice memo to PRTYFOUL and they were so excited by it that they produced the song the next day. They were really pumped that I had written a song with a subject like this.”

“Until the Morning” resonates the unapologetic thought that it’s ok to feel happy, even when someone else is affording you that luxury. The circumstance may not be what either person planned or assumed, but it turned out better than expected.

Let’s hope that there is another collaboration on the horizon between NINA and PRTYFOUL, because this track already has us listening “until the morning.”

Photo credit: Chris Anderson



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